6 tips to writing efficient emails

6 tips to writing efficient emails
Photo by Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash

6 Tips

  1. One topic per email.
  2. End with a call to action.
  3. Use a few words as possible.
  4. Use active voice - "I investigated the issue" vs. "The issue was investgated by me."
  5. Start with a short statement declaring the purpose of the email, i.e. BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front.
  6. Use keywords in subject line.

1 Pet Peeve

Edit the subject line if you are going to change the topic. This drives me crazy.

Imagine...you are in the middle of a conversation with someone about how to fix their car and mid-thought they start talking about the airplane they flew on on their last vacation. It is confusing. It demonstrates laziness, rudeness, and/or a lack of presense.

Take 2 second out of your day, edit the subject line. Communicate with clarity.


Thank you June Paley for #1 and #2.

Thank you Jennifer Nelson for #3.

Thank you Paul, the TA in my freshman year writing workshop for #4.

#5 & #6 come from a Harvard Business Review article, "How to write emails with military precision"