Migrating to a new Unifi Controller...

Migrating to a new Unifi Controller...
Photo by Thomas Jensen / Unsplash

I just needed to migrate some Unifi devices to a new controller. The Internet was not very helpful. It turned out to be straight forward, but god forbid the Internet to make is simple...

My scenario

Temporary Unifi controller was setup on a Windows laptop and this needed to be migrated to a new controller running in a docker container.

Three Steps

  1. Backup original controller
  2. Restore backup on new controller
  3. On original controller override inform host

That is it.

One caveat...for some reason the Wifi APs were disassociated with the Wifi network. I am not sure if it was due to the migration or something I did.

Specifically, the Wifi AP were not longer broadcasting the network. Going into the Wifi network configuration and making sure the APs were broadcasting the Wifi network resolved the issue.